"A progressive, board-of-directors and volunteer-led organization...
Focused on efficiently transforming Inventions into Innovations..! " 
"Helping Point Inventors toward INNOVATION ... It's Not About Ideas, It's About Making Ideas Happen...!!! "*

In Other Words  "...Helping Inventors Become Innovators... (SM)"
     ...Developing their ideas into business opportunities through education, recognition, friendship, and support. 
  • Team Research
  • Speakers - Consulting in the Sciences
  • Capital Formation Advice
  • Marketing Assistance
...The Definition of "Making Ideas Happen..!":   ...Generally this means, your product will have to deliver a profit* to nearly everyone involved in getting it into the end-users' hands...! To do that, and do it well, requires prudent forethought and actions consistent with same...  and, it can help to hear some ways to get that done efficiently by learning from others' experiences and considerable-insights (which is where we fit in)...
* (unless your product is subsidized as a true charitable work and is lucky enough not to be forced by its sponsors to be break-even-nor-profitable)

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